Why Choose Us

20 Compelling Reasons to Choose We Do Kitchens for Your Kitchen Renovation in Sydney

  1. Best Quality, Best Price: We supply the highest quality Australian-made kitchens at the most competitive prices in Sydney, ensuring you get the best value for your investment in kitchen renovations Sydney.
  2. Versatile Options: Whether you're looking for a cost-effective modular kitchen or a luxurious custom-made design, we have the perfect solution for your kitchen renovations Sydney project.
  3. One-Stop-Shop: From cabinets and benchtops to splashbacks and appliances, we offer a comprehensive range of services for your custom kitchens Sydney, making your renovation process seamless and stress-free.
  4. Expert Kitchen Facelifts: Breathe new life into your existing kitchen with our professional kitchen makeovers Sydney, where we replace doors, panels, and benchtops for a fresh, modern look.
  5. Free In-Home Quotes: Enjoy the convenience of our FREE in-home, on-the-spot quotes, complete with plans drawn up within 90 minutes, making it easy to plan your kitchen designs Sydney.
  6. Unmatched Experience: With over 90 years of combined experience in kitchen renovations and more than 5,000 successful projects across Sydney and regional areas, our team is the go-to kitchen company for expertise and reliability.
  7. 3D Computer Plans: Visualize your dream kitchen with our 3D computer plans, available upon request, to help you make informed decisions about your kitchen renovations Sydney.
  8. In-Home Consultations: We bring product samples directly to your home, making material and color selections a breeze for your custom kitchens Sydney.
  9. Extensive Door Styles: Choose from over 60 new door styles showcased in our latest catalog, ensuring your kitchen makeovers Sydney perfectly match your style and preferences.
  10. Eco-Friendly Materials: Our commitment to sustainability means your kitchen designs Sydney are crafted using eco-friendly materials, minimizing environmental impact.
  11. Superior Cabinet Construction: We use solid backs and the strongest multiply construction rails in our cabinets, ensuring the durability and longevity of your kitchen facelift.
  12. Premium Hardware: All our kitchens come standard with the best Blum soft-close drawers and doors, elevating the functionality and aesthetics of your custom kitchens Sydney.
  13. Transparent Pricing: Our easy-to-read, fixed-price kitchen contracts provide clarity and peace of mind, eliminating hidden costs in your kitchen renovations Sydney.
  14. No Unnecessary Fees: We don't charge for home warranty insurance unless your trades contract exceeds $20,000, which is highly unlikely, saving you money on your kitchen makeovers Sydney.
  15. Licensed and Insured Tradespeople: Our reliable tradespeople have been with us for years and are fully licensed and insured, guaranteeing the quality and safety of your kitchen facelift.
  16. No Project Management Fees: We don't charge for project management, ensuring your kitchen renovation cost remains affordable and transparent.
  17. Direct Communication: Enjoy direct communication with our owners at all stages of your renovation, ensuring your custom kitchens Sydney are delivered to your exact specifications.
  18. No Sales Commissions: Our owners design, quote, and measure all kitchens, often before leaving your home, allowing us to maintain complete control over your project and deliver your new kitchen in record time.
  19. Satisfaction Guarantee: We don't require final payment until your kitchen renovations Sydney are completed to your total satisfaction, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our services.
  20. Shaker and Hamptons Style Expertise: As a leading kitchen company in Sydney, we specialize in the timeless elegance of Shaker and Hamptons style kitchens, bringing sophistication and charm to your home.

Don't wait – call us today on 1800 717 379 to book your FREE consultation and get a 90-minute on-the-spot quote for your dream kitchen renovation in Sydney!