Polytec Ultraglaze

Polytec Ultraglaze KitchenInspired by top design houses, polytec’s Ultraglaze doors & panels offer interior designers and architects a new dimension in creating kitchens and rooms of breathtaking beauty.

With the introduction of Ultraglaze Ultramatt finish, you can reap the benefits of the original product while maintaining style and modernity. Ultramatt allows depth and class with a pleasant aesthetic appeal, and can be used on its own or in conjunction with Gloss, which captures the light and surrounding reflections.

Incorporating Gloss and Ultramatt finishes into your décor is the perfect way to add visual interest to a pared-back neutral palette. Couple Ultraglaze Gloss alongside Ultraglaze Ultramatt to create the perfect balance of contrast. Alternatively match Ultraglaze with Ravine embossed wood grain features to add warmth and soften a sleek scheme.

Ultraglaze provides contemporary lines that are enhanced when combined with the sleek Shadowline door or matching edge finish. With an unsurpassed Gloss and Ultramatt level, the result is stunning to say the least

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