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Elements of Modern Kitchens in St Marys & Penrith

Modern kitchens in Penrith are changing. The kitchen has become such an important room in the home that homeowners are designing and creating all sorts of interesting results. We Do Kitchens is the Sydney area’s experienced kitchen renovators having helped thousands of area residents obtain the perfect modern kitchen. With a five-star rating and over 90 years of combined experience in custom kitchen renovations, we can help residents in St Marys & Penrith design and build the most beautiful modern kitchens.

Light Fixtures Capture the Eye in a Modern Kitchen

One of the important details in a modern kitchen is the light fixtures. Even if they do not stand out, light fixtures can still take centre stage because of their colour or their size and shape. We Do Kitchens can help you find lighting that best suits you, your family, and your kitchen. We carry Magic Lighting Systems which feature the latest in European design. There are some choices including LED lighting as well as a variety of interesting features such as touch switches and remote controls.

Cutting Edge Technology in Modern Kitchens 

When you walk into modern kitchens, one of the things you notice first is the amount of new technology. Appliances have all sorts of features. Try brewing your coffee using an app on your smartphone for example. Faucets that use touch to start or stop instead of traditional knobs and handles are becoming more common. We Do Kitchens offers a wide variety of options. We work directly with the customer to deliver exactly what the customer wants. That includes a wide range of the latest in kitchen technology.

Flat-Panel Doors in the Modern Kitchen

The flat-panel door is becoming a signature element in modern kitchens. Also known as a slab door, the flat-panel door is a little minimalistic in design but stands out in today’s kitchen. We Do Kitchens provides a huge selection of doors including Fineline aluminium framed doors. They offer homeowners a unique look, are available in a range of finishes, and are very durable. Fineline doors are also backed by a seven-year limited warranty. We also carry Pureline aluminium doors that come with a nice selection of glass inserts to make any kitchen look more modern.

The Kitchen Makeover

Most often, homeowners want to update their kitchen by replacing the entire thing. There are times though when circumstances may prevent that from happening. We Do Kitchens is unique in that we offer homeowners another option for a kitchen update – the kitchen makeover. As an alternative to a complete renovation, We Do Kitchens can come into a home and replace all cabinet doors, door panels, and bench tops. We leave the existing cabinets in place and the result is modern kitchens in St Marys & Penrith that look brand new. A makeover is very affordable when compared to a costlier renovation.

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